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1. Be familiar with the variety of the tree you purchased and it's life span after being cut.

2. Upon receiving your tree and before displaying inside, unwrap tree and shake vigorously all the previous years dead, brown needles free from the tree.

3. Store in a cool, shaded place until you are ready to display. Cut a disc off the trunk of your tree 3/4" to 1" thick, then immediately display inside in a water holding stand.

4. Water your tree with cold, tap (unfiltered/non-softened) water daily keeping water level full in the stand at all times. Your tree may drink heavily several times a day for the first few days. Keep a close watch and don't let the stand become dry.

5. Keep your tree away from sources of heat: heater vents, fireplaces, windows facing the sun.

6. Turn off all lights displayed on your tree before leaving home or going to bed. Extended periods of lighting will dry your tree.

7. If you forget to water your tree and the stand becomes dry. Attempt to revive your tree by removing the tree from the stand, cutting off  3/4" to 1" from the trunk and replacing it in the stand keeping filled with water. Following the tips above is not a guarantee your tree will survive (we do not guarantee our trees) but does mean you are giving your tree it's best shot for survival.

8. If you are displaying in a business be sure to follow your state and local fire codes.

For places in the valley accepting trees click here.  If you would like us to pick up your tree and recycle if for a small fee please see our Trees and Prices page.